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www.BulldogHealth.com sells The Healthy Bulldog  Happy All the Time: a Guide to Common English Bulldog Health Problems, the only ebook of it's kind sold on the internet. 

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Here's How Our Affiliate Program Works

Our affiliate program is managed by ClickBank.

It pays a 50% commission for every sale your refer. The ebook currently sells for $49.77

So for every visitor you bring to our site that buys the book, you earn about $23 (50% less clickbank processing fees).

ClickBank independently tracks all sales and issues commission checks directly to you.

Joining our affiliate program takes only a minute or two. After you join, you can
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you will be taken to the Clickbank Affiliate sign up page, which looks like this:

Then click the "HERE" link to go to the sign up page, where you will fill in information on where to have your checks sent and choose a nickname for your affiliate links.

For example, if you choose the name "XXXX" (this is a ficticious name - you need to choose your own unique name) here's what your affiliate link will look like:



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And here's some sample copy you can put next to it with your link:

Do you want a healthy happy bulldog?
Learn all about English Bulldog health in this detailed guide.
Get information on eyes, elongated palate, skin conditions,
orthopedics, allergies, food, and more.
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We have a NO SPAM policy.
If you promote this material by spamming, you will be removed for our affiliate program and forfeit any and all commissions!

please note: I currently do not have an affiliate program for the "printed" version because PayPal won't let me, but I'm working on getting a new shopping cart that will allow it.

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