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tic YES! I want "INSTANT ACCESS" and in a few moments after ordering, I will have all the material at my fingertips!

I understand that the Instant Download is a digital download in pdf format and that I will receive the following digital guides and bonuses.

tic The Healthy Bulldog: Happy All the Time
a Guide to Common English Bulldog Health Problems
in pdf format for immediate access on your computer desktop

bulldog health book

tic I also understand I will receive the following 10 Bonuses
valued at over $450 :

these bonuses will also be electronically delivered by instant access on my computer desktop in the form of pdf documents you can print yourself

Bonus #1: SUPER BONUS!

tic The Miracle of Healing Your Dog With Food

My latest huge addition to the Bulldog Health System,
this over 200 page addition features my research into
the relationship between diet and dog health, especially
concerning skin issues.

healing cover

This volume of the Bulldog Health System contains 4 elements:

  • Healing Your Dog the Natural Way
    explains how diet, environment, and relationship affects your dog's health and well-being. And includes information on the dismal state of pet food today. It also explores remedies you can use today (in addition to the one in The Healthy Bulldog) to keep your bulldog in optimum health. 82p

  • Recipes For Every Lifestyle
    Whether you "grab and go" or "love to cook", this 50 page book gives you ways to instantly start improving your bulldog's health. With recipes, guidelines, and why supplements are important.

  • Recommended Brands of Commercial Dog Foods
    It's a jungle out there right now, with large (profit driven) corporations like Mars and Purina buying up many of our "old standard" brands and turning them into low-quality foods high in fillers and low on substance.

    You will receive my up-to-date list of recommended dog food companies, their best foods, and why they are superior. 72p

  • Recommended Supplements
    Because good food is not enough in this world. Industrial farming and cooking methods rob even the best dog food of some of it's nutrients. These supplements will enhance immunity and add digestibility to your bulldog's diet. 4p

    Bonus #2: Complete Audio Version

    The Complete Healthy Bulldog Guide in Audio. Recorded in chapters for easy reference, you can download these audio files to your mp3 player or burn them to a cd to listen to in your car or anywhere . . . value $97

    Bonus #3: The Bulldog: a Monograph

    bulldog health cover

    This bulldog classic, the extremely rare and highly coveted bulldog book:
    The Bulldog: a Monograph, by Edgar Farman.
    This is a digital reproduction of the original third edition from 1903.

    It's packed with over 200 pages of information on the bulldog breed, history, characteristics, and tons of illustrations. It's a real find!!!

    Copies of this bulldog classic, if you can even find one, go for as much as $400 but luckily I've secured a copy and included it here as a special bonus! To read a short excerpt about the history of the breed, click here . . .Value: $39

    Bonus #4: Reference List

    an invaluable and time-saving Reference List of Web Sites that have tons of bulldog information, including sites featuring merchandise, bulldog groups, additional health resources, and more . . .Value: $25

    Bonus #5: Wrinkle Cleaning Video

    Do you have a stinky bulldog??? That sour smell is almost unbearable. I have developed an easy method for keeping nose folds, runny eyes, wrinkles, and tail pockets clean and fresh. I've made a VIDEO on the very best way to clean wrinkles. Accompanied by a step by step printable Wrinkle Cleaning guide, listing inexpensive, safe, and effective proven cleaning supplies plus my secret weapon that eliminates tear stains. . .
    Value: $19.95

    Bonus #6: What's in Petfood

    Did you know what your bulldog eats can damage his health? Your purchase includes a free bonus article on what's going on in the petfood industry, What's in Pet Food. . . Value: $4.99

    Bonus #7: Pet Medical Recorder software


    Want an easy way to keep track of all your bulldog's medical information, including vet visits, immunizations, medications given, and more. Then this bonus is great for you.

    The Pet Medical Recorder is an easy to use software package that will keep you up-to-date on your bulldog. (sorry Mac users, this is a Windows only program). . . Value: $19.95

    Bonus #8: 3 Articles You'll Want to Read

    Three new just released articles on your bulldog:

    #1) Alternative diets, including the raw diet and other alternatives to commercial pet food

    #2) Bulldogs and Allergies, a new look at an old topic

    #3) How to Prevent Your Bulldog from Being Stolen. . .

    Value $45

    Bonus #9: Follow Up eMail Series, Unannounced Bonuses and Lifetime Updates

    you will receive lifetime bulldog health tips, new Bonus Material and updates to this important Bulldog Health Guide, as long as you want them, at no additional charge, with your order. . .
    Value: $99

    Bonus #10: Access to Comprehensive Dog Food Site

    all the latest information on pet food recalls as well as what foods are best, what supplements to add to commercial diets, foods for conditions like arthritis or ear infections or kidney problems, and more. Plus Raw diets, foods you can make at home, dog food mixes, too much to list here.
    Value: priceless!

    Bonus #11:NEW!!! Access to Huge Dog Training Site

    I get a lot of questions about dog training, behavior and obedience. I've learned a lot about it over the years with my bulldogs. Then I found this site and it's just incredible, loaded with information on puppy issues like housetraining, chewing, and biting, specific issues like jumping up, crate training, and how to select a trainer, dog psychology, and much much more.


    And Many More Unannouced Bonuses!

    all you have to do is check your emails from Jan-BulldogHealth for more great bulldog information. These messages are easy to find because they always start with BHS or Bulldog Health System



    order anytime, day or night, even at 2am in the morning!

    I feel very strongly that this book will help you with your bulldog's health and happiness, and serve as a useful guide for years to come. 
    Because of my conviction, I am willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee. 
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with my book, you will receive
    100% of your money back

    and you can keep the Guide and all bonus materials
    no questions asked, complete refund





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